Saxophone and Clarinet Lessons

Stu Reynolds has been teaching private lessons on woodwind instruments for over 20 years, offering insight into technique, tone production and improvisation skills for players from absolute beginners to advanced musicians.  Studios are located in Santa Cruz and Seaside, on the Monterey Bay in central California.

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"Stu is a fabulous teacher who inspires students with energy and encouragement.  His knowledge, passion and expertise provide a model students want to emulate.  He opened the door to a world of jazz which has made our son's life richer.  He is a treasured teacher in Santa Cruz."

   - Chris Bowman, Santa Cruz

Improvisation Coaching and Jazz Theory 

In addition to clarinet and saxophone instruction, Stu offers a lesson series on improvisation techniques for any non-chording instrument; the fundamentals of music improvisation are the same whether the student is learning tuba or piccolo. You'll discover that learning a few basic concepts abut the structures of music can open up a whole world of creativity on your instrument, and that a small amount of knowledge of music theory can carry you a very long way into the realm of spontaneous music.

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"My son took saxophone lessons from Stu for two years. Stu's thorough instruction, as well as his relentless support and encouragement with auditions and recordings, prepared my son for his transition into college
at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York."

   - Betsy D'Arezzo, Santa Cruz